Your 24/7 ClickHouse Partner

Altinity helps companies build and maintain systems extracting insight from data at unmatched performance.

ClickHouse 24/7 Support

Deploy confidently with Altinity's support plans and access to highly-skilled ClickHouse experts. Quick response to system problems, bug fixes, answers to questions.
When there are problems, we have your back.

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ClickHouse Feature Engineering

Something missing in ClickHouse? Our expert engineering team can implement everything from core ClickHouse features to Kubernetes operator behavior to client library improvements.

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ClickHouse PoCs And Training

Move quickly from eval to high quality analytic apps with our ClickHouse proof-of-concept support plans and training packages. Altinity helps you leverage ClickHouse features that make your users happy and gain the edge over competitors.

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What customers say about us

Altinity enables customers to gain full value from the speed and power of ClickHouse

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We've been very impressed by the support from Altinity. It has saved us a number of times. We count on Altinity to help deliver fast, reliable analytics to our users.

Peter Harper
CTO, AdScribe TV
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We feel so fortunate to have found Altinity. We were faced with perplexing challenges with our Clickhouse clusters. The Altinity team helped us navigate through these issues and we now have a more stable, supportable environment. This was a great boost for our product and business as it gave us headroom to scale even further on an optimized configuration.