Real-Time Business

The Know-How to Know Now

Real-time data means detecting, analyzing, and reacting NOW as changes occur in the real world. See how analytic applications built on ClickHouse are helping companies build revolutionary real-time businesses worldwide.


Leading eCommerce sites achieve success by maximizing user purchases. Recommendation engines are an important tool to direct customers to likely purchases. ClickHouse can ingest behavioral data in real-time as users visit pages. It can also pre-compute aggregates so that queries to compute recommendations return in milliseconds, well within the time to render a web page. The business outcome: raise the chances of a purchase using up-to-the second insight into user behavior.

Find out how Pepper Media worked with Altinity to implement real-time recommendations using ClickHouse.

Content Delivery Networks

Content delivery networks make the Internet faster by speeding up everything from streaming video to API results. ClickHouse is a favorite for storing and querying CDN telemetry data. Network operators can instantly identify performance bottlenecks, quickly apply corrections to caching behavior, and instantly confirm the effect. Tuning in real-time is a double win: users see big performance wins and CDN vendors use network resources more efficiently. That’s on top of vastly reduced labor to diagnose and correct problems.

Learn how GraphCDN uses Altinity.Cloud to deliver easy-to-use analytics on API calls over a worldwide content delivery network.

Service Logs

SaaS providers operate thousands of software services to help deliver services to end-users. Rapid detection, diagnosis, and fixes for problems are critical to maintaining SLAs. Leading service providers feed service logs into event streams, which route them to ClickHouse for immediate analysis. Problems are flagged within seconds of occurrence. ClickHouse can instantly query not only real-time data but records going back months. Administrators rapidly sift through millions of log messages to find root causes. SaaS vendors fix problems efficiently while users benefit from higher uptime. 

Discover how Uber built fast and reliable log analytics on ClickHouse.

Digital Marketing

Marketers need to estimate the value of ad impressions in order to develop effective bidding strategies. ClickHouse-based analytics at leading ad networks ingest millions of events per second and store months of data. The combination of real-time bidding events with past history in a single high-performance data warehouse enables marketers to develop bidding strategies that maximize marketing spend. The value for ad buyers is quick adaptation to market conditions while keeping marketing spend as lean as possible. 

Find out how Lifestreet analyzes trillions of records stored in ClickHouse to drive real-time bidding strategies.

The Future of Real-Time Data

Real-time data hosted in ClickHouse is emerging as a “secret weapon” for leading vendors in security, financial, network management, and countless other industries dominated by floods of digital data. We can help you make it a weapon for your business as well. Call us today!