The August 2021 ClickHouse SF Bay Area meetup featured two excellent talks on our favorite database.* The first described SigNoz, an observability tool built on ClickHouse. Besides offering useful functionality, it’s yet another nice example of how to build complete apps with ingest and visualization. The second covered work to eliminate Zookeeper from ClickHouse. This is a long-awaited improvement, and the talk is the first time it has been publicly presented. 

Here is a summary of the presentations as well as video and slide links. 

  • Building an Observability platform with ClickHouseAnkit Nayan, CTO of SigNoz, delivered a presentation and demo on SigNoz with details of how it implements analytics using ClickHouse.  SigNoz leans on OpenTelemetry to collect data and load them into ClickHouse. It provides nice, browser-based data visualization implemented in React. There are many details about the ClickHouse implementation for anyone looking for hints on building embedded analytics. The video is here
  • ClickHouse KeeperAlexander Sapin, senior ClickHouse developer at Yandex, gave an overview of the Zookeeper replacement project he is leading. ClickHouse now sports an API-compatible substitute for Zookeeper that runs either embedded in ClickHouse or as a standalone server. Alexander presented design considerations as well as operational characteristics of the new solution. He encouraged users to try it out and help shake out any final bugs. Full production readiness is still a few months off, but the community can help accelerate that date. The video presentation is here

The meetup was great, as usual, with many questions. You can see the full video from the Youtube livestream, which captures every detail. On behalf of the SF Bay Area ClickHouse meetup, we are incredibly grateful to Ankit and Alexander for the informative talks. 

The next ClickHouse SF Bay Area Meetup will be on October 27th. We have one proposed talk lined up and are looking for more. Please consider presenting if you are doing something interesting with ClickHouse: analytic apps, new open source projects, and new features in ClickHouse itself are all gladly welcome. 

The easiest way to propose meetup talks is to email We also watch Telegram and Slack. Tell us your ideas!

* Don’t get me wrong. We love all databases equally. We just love ClickHouse more equally than the rest. 🙂 


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