Altinity Stable Release is updated to

We are delighted to announce that Altinity Stable Release is updated to The release includes several bug fixes not present in the previous release, such as:

  • Fixed a bug with non-Date/DateTime columns not being allowed in TTL expressions
  • Fixed a bug in the Kafka engine that sometimes prevented committing  a message back to the broker if the broker was temporarily unavailable
  • Fixed a bug in which the boolean functions ‘or’ and ‘and’ might return incorrect results when called on more than 10 arguments if some of them are NULL 
  • Fixed server side certificates in docker image
  • Fixed a possible race condition between insert quorum and drop partition

Speaking of 20.1 and newer ClickHouse versions, the development team continues to improve the quality of 20.1 and 20.3 releases. We’re considering the latest as a release candidate and plan to certify it soon.

Please reach us at if you have any questions regarding this stable release.

4/27/2020 update: We edited our post to use build version It has addresses two more issues over, which was in the original post.


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