Altinity Stable Release update

Mar 11, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Altinity Stable Release is updated to The release includes several important bug fixes not present in the previous, and one compatibility fix that is important for future upgrades.

  • Fixed a bug with a volume selection in merge process could move data back to the first volume in storage policy in some cases

  • Fixed a bug with mutations that did not work if  ‘insert_quorum’ has been used for the table

  • Fixed a bug with deduplication logic that ignored dependent materialized views if a duplicate for the main table has been detected. The fix is turned off by default and can be enabled with a new ‘deduplicate_blocks_in_dependent_materialized_views‘ setting.

  • Fixed a bug in Kafka engine that could result in data losses when ZooKeeper is temporarily not available

  • Fixed a bug in Kafka engine that did not allow users to drop a table with incorrect Kafka topic

  • Fixed a bug in Kafka engine that did not allow users to use subqueries in attached materialized views

  • Fixed a bug in ‘ALTER TABLE MODIFY CODEC’ that arose when both default expression and a codec are specified

There is also a change that is important for the future upgrades. 

  • ‘enable_scalar_subquery_optimization’ setting is disabled by default. It is required in order to perform rolling upgrades to 20.x versions.

Speaking of 20.1 and newer ClickHouse versions, we continue to improve the quality of 20.1 releases. While we can not certify it for production yet, some Altinity clients are already using in their development environments, and we appreciate their positive feedback. Stay tuned.

Please reach us at if you have any questions regarding this stable release.

NOTE: This release has been updated to


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