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Sep 23, 2019

It is already more than 3 years since ClickHouse surprisingly popped up from inside the Yandex labs and moved to open source. Since then it grew up from an ugly duckling, that was sometimes not that easy to deal with, to a mature well established analytical database, used at companies from small startup to Fortune 500 enterprises all around the world. Today, ClickHouse has made one more important step, it moved from the Yandex cradle to its own new home at Github!

ClickHouse is not alone in its new home. It took some of beloved eco-system projects together, namely:

  • clickhouse-cpp — C++ client library for ClickHouse. There was a confusion for some time, since several versions of this library existed. Not anymore: this is the right one.
  • clickhouse-odbc — ODBC driver for ClickHouse. We proud to announce that Altinity is taking responsibility on this one. We are looking forward to release a new version in October.
  • clickhouse-jdbc — JDBC driver for ClickHouse
  • graphhouse — ClickHouse storage for Graphite monitoring system

There are many free rooms available, so some other projects will move here soon as well.

One may wonder why did ClickHouse move? Is Yandex going to abandon it, as Facebook did to Cassandra? Certainlty, not! Same core team from Yandex continues to work on ClickHouse, together with us and many other contributers. It is just even more open-source friendly as a separate project! We believe that all ClickHouse users benefit from the change.

We at Altinity help ClickHouse to be a better product, and we can not be more happier to see how ClickHouse evolves in all respects. We worked together with Yandex to make this change happen. Please expect more exciting news later this year. ClickHouse rocks! Stay tuned!



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