ClickHouse Events in Austin and San Francisco


June 10, 2019

The last two weeks have been a busy time for ClickHouse-related events. Altinity as well as the Yandex teams have been doing a world tour that included events in the US as well as Asia. Besides the opportunity to meet people there were a lot of great presentations on ClickHouse itself.

Percona Live 2019 — May 28-30

The annual Percona Live 2019 conference took place in Austin this year. Altinity had a booth and did an intro presentation on loading your first billion rows, something that everyone does once. Here is a full list of the talks with links where available. Let us know if we missed anything.

We had lots of ClickHouse fans around the Altinity booth for two days. There were many conversations about ClickHouse features and applications. One of the most interesting conversations was how to use ClickHouse as an accelerator for analytics on MySQL data. We will likely have more to say about this topic in a later blog article.

SF ClickHouse Meetup — June 4

The June 4 ClickHouse Meetup was held at CloudFlare offices in San Francisco. There were about 35 participants including a bunch of heavy ClickHouse users. Following announcements and a lightning talk by Alan Braithwaite of Segment, there were two main presentations.

Listeners peppered the presenters with questions during both talks. Many ClickHouse users in the Bay Area are using Kubernetes and have already deployed ClickHouse there or plan to. The ClickHouse features talk ran for well over an hour with extremely detailed questions to Alexey on current as well as planned features.

Appreciations and Future Events

We would like to thank Percona and CloudFlare for sponsoring the recent events. The next scheduled US event is August 13th in Silicon Valley.

If you want to organize a ClickHouse meetup in your neighborhood please contact us at Altinity can help with getting knowledgeable speakers as well as marketing. Give us a call today!




    1. Absolutely not! The presentation you referred it is from 2017, while this one highlights some new features from 2019 including not yet released ones.

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