ClickHouse Meetup in Paris Recap


October 19, 2018

October for us started strong with a successful ClickHouse meetup in Paris. The purpose of the event was to talk about ClickHouse, an open-source column-store analytics DBMS – its features, roadmap, use cases, meet local ClickHouse users, hear talks from ClickHouse lead developer Alexey Milovidov, Altinity CTO Alexander Zaitsev and Paris ClickHouse users. French IT community is Europe’s leader in adopting ClickHouse, and the event attracted many French-based companies who already use ClickHouse in their business or going to.

During the late evening meetup filled with pizza, participants not only had a chance to network with each other but also were able to hear five very informative presentations presented by the industry experts. If you were not able to attend the meetup, you can find the presentations below:

The audience asked very strong technical questions, so it was productive discussion and lengthy Q&A sessions.

Altinity Team would like to thank the ClickHouse Paris meetup attendees, and to give a big thanks to ContentSquare for providing the meetup venue!

See you at the upcoming events!


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