Who and Why is Using ClickHouse


Aug 10, 2017

ClickHouse is one year old in open source already. Vadim Tkachenko wrote an excellent post (https://www.percona.com/blog/2017/07/06/clickhouse-one-year/) about that month ago. The acceptance of new product never come easy, but there are multiple companies around the world that are already using ClickHouse in production and benefit from its perfomance and features. Here are just a few examples:

Vertamedia, http://vertamedia.com

Vertamedia is digital advertising company, they provide SSP (Supply Side Platform) for video ads. As such, they have quite a lot of data to process and analyze in order to provide better monetization to their customers. ClickHouse is ideal for that, and Vertamedia is only one of many ad tech companies that are using ClickHouse for online advertising analysis.

In addition to using ClickHouse internally, Vertamedia also contributed to community with clickhouse-grafana plugin (https://github.com/Vertamedia/clickhouse-grafana)

CloudFlare, https://www.cloudflare.com

CloudFlare is a web performance company. It provides DNS, CDN, proxy, load balancing and all that sort of services to make web sites to run faster across the globe. They use ClickHouse to analyze 1M DNS hits per second with realtime performance.

Details can be found in CloudFlare’s blog post: (https://blog.cloudflare.com/how-cloudflare-analyzes-1m-dns-queries-per-second/)

Carto, https://carto.com

CARTO is the platform for turning location data into business outcomes. They provide market segmentation services based on location data to various industries. Carto is using ClickHouse in an unsual way, they run geospatial data processing. It is unusual because ClickHouse does not have built-in support for geospatial data yet. Still, it can be emulated and quite effectively.

Details can be found in Carto’s blog post: (https://carto.com/blog/inside/geospatial-processing-with-clickhouse)

Infinidat, http://www.infinidat.com

Infinidat offers enterprise storage solutions. They use ClickHouse in the heart of InfiniMetrics — storage performance analysis and monitoring software. ClickHouse is a perfect fit for that. Another company that uses ClickHouse for perfomance monitoring is Percona with their Percona Monitoring and Management software.

Infinidat also contribute to community with Python ORM for ClickHouse (https://github.com/Infinidat/infi.clickhouse_orm) and PostgreSQL wrapper (https://github.com/Infinidat/infi.clickhouse_fdw)


The Moore’s Law of Big Data predicts that data sizes grow fast. This is true for many industries and products. The big data needs to be stored and analyzed. Traditionally it required expensive hardware and software. But not anymore with ClickHouse! ClickHouse is very fast even on commodity hardware and it is license free. Many companies already know that and using ClickHouse to run their business.


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