ClickHouse release 1.1.54310


The new deb packages are available from Yandex repo and RPMs from Altinity repo.

New features:

  • Custom partitioning key for the MergeTree family of table engines.
  • Kafka table engine.
  • Added support for loading CatBoost models and applying them to data stored in ClickHouse.
  • Added support for time zones with non-integer offsets from UTC.
  • Added support for arithmetic operations with time intervals.
  • The range of values for the Date and DateTime types is expanded to year 2105.
  • Added the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW x TO y query (allows specifying an existing table for storing data of a materialized view).
  • Added the ATTACH TABLE query without arguments.
  • The processing logic for Nested columns with names ending with -Map in a SummingMergeTree table was extracted to the sumMap aggregate function. You can now specify such columns explicitly.
  • Max size of the IP trie dictionary is increased to 128M entries.
  • Added the getSizeOfEnumType function.
  • Added the sumWithOverflow aggregate function.
  • Added support for the Cap’n Proto input format.
  • You can now customize compression level when using the zstd algorithm.

Backwards incompatible changes:

  • Creation of temporary tables with an engine other than Memory is forbidden.
  • Explicit creation of tables with the View or MaterializedView engine is forbidden.
  • It is now checked during the creation of a table that the sampling key expression is included in the primary key.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed hangups when synchronously inserting into a Distributed table.
  • Fixed nonatomic adding and removing of parts in Replicated tables.
  • Data inserted into a materialized view is not subjected to unnecessary deduplication.
  • Executing a query to a Distributed table for which the local replica is lagging and remote replicas are unavailable does not result in an error anymore.
  • Users don’t need access permissions to the default database to create temporary tables anymore.
  • Fixed crashing when specifying the Array type without arguments.
  • Fixed hangups when the disk volume containing server logs is full.
  • Fixed an overflow in the toRelativeWeekNum function for the first week of the Unix epoch.

Build improvements:

  • Several third-party libraries (notably Poco) were updated and converted to git submodules.

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