High Performance, High Reliability Data Loading on ClickHouse

Data loading is critical to real-time data warehouses on ClickHouse. This webinar covers three topics every ClickHouse app designer should understand: how to achieve high performance on inserts; transaction model including when you can count on data being properly loaded; third is data deduplication. Alexander Zaitsev distills Altinity experience in all three areas to enable you to build your own high-performance analytic solutions.

ClickHouse January [Virtual] Meetup – Office Hours

Welcome to the January 2021 ClickHouse Meetup. We'll be repeating usual office hours format, starting with a talk from Alexey Milovidov on the latest and greatest ClickHouse improvements.

ClickHouse Defense Against the Dark Arts — Intro to Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are critical considerations in modern data warehouses. Join us to learn about ClickHouse security best practices including locking down servers, at-rest and in-flight encryption, and preventing information leaks through logs and system tables. We'll pivot from there to design principles for data subject to privacy regulations. We cover schema design for multi-tenant data, erasing[...]

Building Beautiful Interactive Dashboards with ClickHouse and Grafana

LIVE WEBINAR: FEBRUARY 24, 2021 Grafana and ClickHouse are a very popular combination for interactive dashboards on big data. In this presentation, we’ll show you how to install Grafana on ClickHouse, and lead you through the steps to create nice-looking dashboards of your own. The talk covers how Grafana dashboards work, how to program ClickHouse[...]

ClickHouse Community March [Virtual] Meetup

Hello ClickHouse Fans, Welcome to the March 2021 ClickHouse Meetup! We have talks on tap about new projects to help build the analytic stack. We also have room for another short talk or a lightning talk. Message the organizers or send email to info@altinity.com to apply. Here's the agenda: * Data cleaning and contracts for data[...]

Data Warehouse Basics

An introduction to data warehouses for newcomers to SQL. Students will learn how data warehouses work, how to install ClickHouse, and how to issue standard SQL commands to build reports and dashboards in ClickHouse.

ClickHouse 101 Training Series

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, Altinity’s ClickHouse training turns your team into ClickHouse experts. You do not need to have a working knowledge of ClickHouse, but any relational database (e.g., MySQL) experience is recommended. If you are new to relational databases, we do recommend our Data Warehouse Basics course as a pre-requisite which[...]

Visualizing Real Time Data Using ClickHouse and Superset

We've teamed up with our friends at Preset to bring you a great join webinar featuring ClickHouse and Apache Superset. Join us June 8th at 10 am PT. Description: ClickHouse is a blazing fast, open-source, OLAP database that was originally incubated at Yandex. ClickHouse is designed for analyzing data that’s frequently updated. In this talk,[...]

Merging Predictive Analytics and ClickHouse Database

MindsDB and Altinity will co-host a live webinar on June 10th at 5 PM GMT (10 AM PST) on machine learning capabilities inside ClickHouse. Predictive analytics are popular in applications ranging from real-time marketing to factory maintenance. The key challenge is to integrate machine learning with the pools of data required to train models. In this webinar, we will show[...]

June 2021 ClickHouse Meetup

Welcome to the June 2021 ClickHouse Meetup! We have a scheduled talk from Alexey Milovidov on ClickHouse roadmap plus another TBD talk on ClickHouse applications. Here's the agenda: * ClickHouse 2021: New Features and Roadmap — Alexey Milovidov from Yandex. As everyone knows, Alexey is original designer and current lead committer on ClickHouse. This talk[...]