Fortress ClickHouse: Secure Your Database and Foil Evildoers in 15 Minutes or Less

ClickHouse analytic databases contain sensitive data and need protection from hackers. But where to start? Our webinar shows how to think about ClickHouse security, then walks you through standard methods to secure ClickHouse installations that any developer can apply. For each method, we'll explain the threat and show how to remediate it, including a demo of the exact steps. We'll start easy with eliminating plain text passwords, then work up to encryption, network security, certificate management, role-based access control, and file system protections. Implementing security does not need to take long. Bring a stopwatch and see if it's really just 15 minutes!

Making the Journey to FedRAMP: Cisco Umbrella, Altinity, and ClickHouse-based Analytics

The Cisco Umbrella team is working with Altinity to stand up a FedRAMP Medium deployment for government customers using Altinity's FIPS-compatible builds of ClickHouse. Join us to learn how the teams are working together on this critical project.

What is Cisco Umbrella and how does it use ClickHouse?
What are the challenges of bringing up ClickHouse in a FedRAMP environment?
How are Cisco Umbrella and Altinity working together to deploy FIPS-compatible analytics?
What lessons can we share with other users on the same path?