ClickHouse Nails Cost Efficiency Challenge Against Druid & Rockset

Rick Bilodeau from Imply published an excellent article in June 2020 comparing Druid cost-efficiency to Google Big Query for what they called ‘hot analytics’ — sub-second response time with high query concurrency. We appreciate this[...]

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Migrating from Druid to Next-Gen OLAP on ClickHouse: eBay’s Experience

September 23, 2020
with Sudeep Kumar - MTS 2, eBay and Rober Hodges - CEO, Altinity

We'll talk about our experience building a next-generation OLAP capability for eBay event data using ClickHouse and realizing large infrastructure savings compared to the previous-generation solution built on Druid. Given the scale of eBay, this requires a highly scalable, performant and reliable Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine. Join us to hear the whole story!

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