Exploring Open Source Analytics — Talk Roundup from OSA Con 2022

The Open Source Analytics Conference 2022 exceeded our expected metrics by all counts! More importantly, it has taught us that partners make it happen. We doubled attendance since the last OSA Con in 2021, thanks to efforts by our great community partners. 

We had a busy schedule with 20+ sessions running through two different tracks on the same date, thanks to the 30+ industry professionals and experts willing to take the time to share their insights. However, we understand it was easy to miss out on some of the exciting talks that ran simultaneously. 

So, for those who would like to go back and watch the recorded sessions on-demand, we have a few options for you to take advantage of:

Firstly, to make it easy for you to find the sessions you’re interested in, we’ve grouped them into five main topics. You can access them via our OSA Con webpage or by clicking on the topic shortcuts below:

  • Keynotes and Open Source: Watch the keynotes from Robert Hodges and Peter Zaitzev, and the panel discussions with Doug Cutting, Maxime Beauchemin, and David Nalley, as well as Artyom Keydunov’s great session about Open-source Headless BI.
  • ClickHouse: You can find all the ClickHouse-related sessions here from Javi Santana, Prafulla Gupta, Satbir Chahal, and Olena Kutsenko.
  • Analytics: This section contains amazing talks from Vadim Tkachenko and Kanthi Subramanian, Liquan Pei, Peter Zaitsev and Ed Huang, Sri Sakthivel M.D., Roman Khavronenko, Alex Merced, and Steven Mih.
  • Applications: Watch Mary Grygleski and Mark Needham, David Li, Paul Boocock, and Doris Lee talk about cutting-edge uses of analytics in real applications.
  • Knowledge Base: Finally, tune in to these informative and insightful talks from Michael Hausenblas, Tim Spann and David Kjerrumgaard, Pete Hunt, Rachel Pedreschi, and Alexandra Gronemeyer to learn about their intriguing insights.

Secondly, all of the recordings and slides have been posted on our YouTube Channel, where you will also find regular webinars, discussions, how-to guides, and all sorts of educational content from our CEO, Robert Hodges. So make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications to stay up-to-date with new content.

Last but not least, here’s a shout-out to our allies and community partners for helping us spread the love of all things Open Source and Analytics.

With that said, we’ve wrapped up 2022 and are now refueling our wagon with positivity and energy to take on the road to 2023! Buckle up because we’re planning an exciting ride ahead! 😀

In 2023, 

  • We’re launching a partnered joint-webinar program where we schedule one joint webinar each month. January slot is taken by our partner VictoriaMetrics, where Roman Khavronenko (Co-founder of VictoriaMetrics) and Robert Hodges (CEO of Altinity) talked about building fast scalable application monitoring using open source. The webinar ended on Tuesday, January 24, but you can find the recording of it below. Next, February and March joint webinars are already being planned, so make sure to keep an eye out on our events page to book your seats and attend them for free.

January Partner-Webinar

How to Build Fast, Scalable Application Monitoring using Open Source – Joint Webinar with VictoriaMetrics and Altinity

How to Build Fast, Scalable Application Monitoring using Open Source – Joint Webinar with<strong> VictoriaMetrics and Altinity</strong>
Monitoring is the key to the successful operation of any software service, but commercial solutions are complex, expensive, and slow. Let us show you how to build simple, cost-effective, and fast monitoring using open-source stacks easily accessible to any developer.
Robert Hodges (Altinity CEO) and Roman Khavronenko (VictoriaMetrics Co-founder) start this webinar with the elements of monitoring systems: data ingest, query engine, visualization, and alerting, explaining and contrasting two implementation approaches.
By Roman Khavronenko & Robert Hodges – Tuesday, January 24, 09:00 AM PT

  • Finally, we hope 2023 will be a year of extraordinary learning outcomes for you and for us as a team. We encourage you to check out our “Complete introduction to ClickHouse for developers” class, where you can learn about ClickHouse architecture and practical steps to build high-performance analytic applications.

Altinity Developer Academy for ClickHouse February 2023 Class Series

To conclude, cheers to another year of growth, another year of possibilities, and a year full of successful milestones! See you again at OSA Con 2023!

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback by emailing us directly at conference@altinity.com.


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