Call for papers on analytics at Percona Live Online 2021


Do you have an intriguing story to tell about open source and analytic databases? Good news! We have a conference for you. We are looking for great talks.

Looking for talks – submit now

Altinity is managing the Analytics Track for the Percona Live Online 2021 conference, which runs virtually this coming May 12-13th.  In case you don’t know Percona Live, it highlights open source databases, especially MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. The online conferences have thousands of attendees. 

This year we’re adding an analytics track to the conference.  We’re looking for new talks on any of the following open source topics:

  • Analytic databases like ClickHouse®, Trino, Presto, Druid, DuckDB, Spark, you name it
  • Interesting tools for building analytic applications
  • War stories about building, deploying, and operating analytic apps on open source technologies
  • Proprietary databases but only if you relate how you escaped their clutches

If you have something to say on these topics, we welcome you to apply!  Please fill out a proposal on the Percona Live Call For Papers page.  Pick Big Data and/or Analytics as topics. Add a note that you would like to be considered for the Analytics track.

If you run into trouble contact us at See you at the conference!