Announcing the New Altinity & PostHog Partnership

When the Product Analytics Suite that You Can Host Yourself teams up with the Modern Platform for Real-Time Analytics

Today we’re excited to officially announce our partnership with PostHog! 

We’ve worked with PostHog’s teams on this integration and have collaborated on ClickHouse-related topics since 2020. It’s great to be able to share with the wider open source analytics community what we’ve been working on together. 

We’re particularly pleased with this joint announcement, as it coincides with the launch of PostHog’s new Marketplace… and that we have the privilege of being their first (of many) listed partners!

For those of you who don’t know, PostHog is an open-source analytics platform with an ever-expanding suite of product analytics tools. These tools enable users to measure performance, diagnose causes and build context, as well as test and roll out improvements. Ultimately, PostHog helps you build better products. 

As one of their many users put it: “PostHog is what I always wanted a Product Analytics SaaS to be. Private cloud option so GDPR becomes way more manageable, features built based on direct community feedback, focus on simplicity and usefulness over vanity features.”

It may not come as much of a surprise therefore that our two organizations are teaming up, as PostHog fits in perfectly with Altinity’s open source-based, real-time data solutions that help users build ClickHouse-based analytics applications that “make the most of Now”.

With Altinity and PostHog, users have the choice to run in any way and anywhere they want – for their entire system. 

What we’re announcing specifically

With this partnership, Altinity will offer a variety of services to help give large organizations on PostHog an increased level of support for self-hosted deployments, including: 

  • 24/7 technical support for ClickHouse in any environment
  • Bespoke training for analytics developers and system administrators
  • Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse
    • Vetted for enterprise use
    • Vendor un-lockin promised
    • 100% open source

For a more in-depth look into how to deploy PostHog using Altinity Cloud ClickHouse clusters, please see the PostHog documentation, which has a great walkthrough outlining it all. 

What we’re further announcing

As part of this new partnership, we will also offer Altinity.Cloud as a backend for PostHog users who prefer a private cloud environment (VPC). This essentially means that the Altinity team can manage PostHog customers’ ClickHouse deployments for them, turning PostHog into a fully managed service.

With Altinity.Cloud, PostHog users will be able to: 

  • Spin up ClickHouse clusters, connect, and start working
  • Vertically and horizontally scale with its Cluster Manager
  • Not have to worry about ZooKeeper
  • Achieve high availability with multi-AZ operation and automatic backup
  • Upgrade automatically without interrupting service
  • Monitor their environment with built-in and ready-to-use dashboards

Altinity.Cloud uses 100% open source Altinity Stable Builds, which means users need never worry about vendor lock-in. 

What This Means for PostHog Users

Self-hosted deployments offer many unique benefits, such as better data capture and data control, but they can also be challenging to set up and maintain. Not all organizations have the resources to do it themselves. 

As our friends at PostHog say: “Altinity is the ideal middle ground, enabling PostHog users to retain full control over their data while experts manage their ClickHouse for them.”

What Our CEO Says About the New Partnership

We met the PostHog team in 2020 and have been impressed with their technical expertise as well as their dedication to open source. We’re delighted to partner with PostHog to offer ClickHouse services that preserve our customers’ freedom to choose the appropriate solution for their businesses. Our companies’ shared open source models make it easy to diagnose problems and deliver great service to customers. 

Learn More

You can find out more about our partnership on the PostHog Marketplace or by contacting us here at Altinity: