Altinity.Cloud is now available from the GCP Marketplace


Marketplace integration is a common ask from Altinity.Cloud customers. We’re delighted to announce that Altinity.Cloud for ClickHouse® is now available on GCP Marketplace for GCP customers to simplify software licensing, procurement, control, and governance. 

Altinity.Cloud is a fully managed ClickHouse-as-a-service developed and operated by the enterprise experts at Altinity. It was the first service to offer managed ClickHouse in the cloud on GCP and is optimized to deliver the real-time response that modern analytic apps require. You can run clusters either in our GCP account or your own and get billed for the products and services you receive through regular GCP billing. Management and deployments are done through the Altinity.Cloud Manager user interface.

Get started

Get started by visiting GCP Marketplace: Altinity.Cloud for ClickHouse or search “Altinity.Cloud for ClickHouse” in GCP Marketplace.

Thanks to marketplace integration GCP now users have easy access to the wide range of automation available for real-time ClickHouse analytic databases. Altinity.Cloud enables users to create ClickHouse clusters, scale them up and down, evaluate application performance, and backup and restore data. Use any VM type you please and run any version of ClickHouse as well, including Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse. Users work through a simple UI with wizards for tasks and convenient dashboards for at-a-glance database status.. 

Altinity.Cloud is more than just a cloud service for ClickHouse. Our offering is designed to be your ultimate partner in building amazing applications with ClickHouse. With Altinity.Cloud, you get access to integrated, expert support from the best ClickHouse engineers in the world. We have over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge in ClickHouse, and we are ready to help you with any challenge or question you may have.

Altinity.Cloud takes care of all the infrastructure management for you, so you don’t have to worry about scaling, security, backups, or updates. You can focus on what matters most: deliver value to your customers and users. Choose Altinity.Cloud and unleash the power of ClickHouse for your applications. GCP Marketplace integration is the next step in making Altinity.Cloud as convenient as possible for your cloud journey.

Start using Altinity.Cloud for ClickHouse on GCP Marketplace today.