Altinity.Cloud is now available on the AWS Marketplace

Altinity.Cloud for ClickHouse® is now available on AWS Marketplace for AWS customers to simplify software licensing, procurement, control, and governance.

AWS SaaS subscription for Altinity.Cloud offers pay-as-you-go fully managed ClickHouse-as-a-service. Run it in our AWS cloud account or your AWS account and get billed for the product and services you receive through AWS billing. Management and deployments are done through Altinity.Cloud Manager user interface.

Get started by visiting AWS Marketplace: Altinity.Cloud for ClickHouse or search “Altinity.Cloud for ClickHouse” in AWS Marketplace.

Altinity.Cloud is a fully managed ClickHouse-as-a-service developed and operated by the enterprise experts at Altinity. It was the first service to offer managed ClickHouse in the cloud on AWS.  

Altinity.Cloud enables users to create ClickHouse SQL data warehouses, scale them up and down, evaluate application performance, and backup and restore data. Users work through a simple UI with wizards for tasks and convenient dashboards for management. In addition, Altinity provides training, design assistance, 24/7 support, and non-recurring engineering services for all ClickHouse users, including those using Altinity.Cloud.  

Integrated, expert support is a key feature of Altinity.Cloud. Our support engineers are the best in the business, with over a century of combined ClickHouse knowledge. We are not just a provider of ClickHouse, we are your partner in building valuable applications on ClickHouse. Let Altinity handle the heavy lifting of infrastructure management, so your development team can focus on delivering value.

Start using Altinity.Cloud for ClickHouse on AWS Marketplace today.