Announcing the Full OSA Con 2022 Schedule: 20+ Talks & Panels with 30+ Speakers!

We’ve just locked down the full schedule for this year’s Open Source Analytics Conference – OSA Con 2022 – and what a schedule it’s turned out to be!

20+ Talks
30+ Speakers
15 Community Sponsors
2 Keynotes, 2 Panel discussions, 2 Tracks!

We’re all set for a great OSA Con 2022 and all that’s missing now is you 🙂

This is an industrial conference. Our goal is to encourage synergy between open source projects and analytic applications, and to provide the audience with practical ways to apply open source analytics in their businesses.

Thanks to the many people who have already signed up to join us on November 15th – and if you haven’t had a chance to register yet, please secure your spot as soon as possible!

To view the full schedule and list of speakers, please click the red button below 😉


Some of this year’s awesome talks

  • Olena Kutsenko, Aiven: ‘ClickHouse – What is Behind the Fastest Columnar Database’
  • Javi Santana, Tinybird: Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Queries under 100ms with ClickHouse
  • Artyom Keydunov, Navigating the Modern Data Stack with Open-source Headless BI
  • Liquan Pei, PingCAP: How Can HTAP Databases Simplify Your Data Infrastructure?
  • Roman Khavronenko, VictoriaMetrics: Specifics of data analysis in Time Series Databases
  • Paul Boocock, Snowplow: Building Event Collection SDKs and Data Models
  • Alexey Milovidov, ClickHouse: Doing Crazy Stuff with ClickHouse

Visit the conference page for the full list of talks and speakers!

Meet our Community Sponsors

Finally, many thanks to our Community Sponsors for their help in turning OSA Con 2022 into this great opportunity to hear about and discuss how open source and analytics are opening new business ideas and opportunities. 

Our 2022 Community Sponsors are:

There’s still time to join the fun and become a Community Sponsor! Please contact our team at for details. 

In the meantime, make sure to Register below for free and save the event on your calendar!


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