Altinity.Cloud Extends to Microsoft Azure

Altinity.Cloud is a universal management platform for ClickHouse that runs anywhere. We started our cloud expansion 3 years ago in 2020 with the first ever ClickHouse cloud service in AWS. A year later we extended it to GCP, the first on the market. The following year, we introduced Altinity.Cloud Anywhere which allows us to manage ClickHouse clusters in users’ Kubernetes deployments. We decided to mark the 3 years of Altinity.Cloud operation with a new supported platform – Altinity.Cloud for ClickHouse is now available at Microsoft Azure!

Altinity.Cloud at Azure is not much different from Altinity.Cloud at other cloud providers. Thanks to managed Kubernetes AKS, the Altinity.Cloud stack can be easily deployed there. In fact, we had our first customer on Azure earlier in the summer using customer-deployed AKS and Altinity.Cloud Anywhere. It took us some time to implement automatic provisioning of the full stack. Now it is fully complete.

When requesting a trial or contacting our support engineers for a new environment, just specify Azure as the cloud provider and select a region. The new environment may be provisioned in the Altinity account (it is called ‘subscription’ in Azure), or in a user account using Bring Your Own Cloud Anywhere technology. For the latter case some preparations on the user side are required.

We ran benchmarks in order to find appropriate compute and storage configurations. As a result of those tests, we recommend using the latest generation of Standard_Dsv5 series VMs for ClickHouse nodes. This VM type provides optimal performance for analytic workloads that match similar instance types on AWS and GCP powered by Intel Ice Lake processors. 

For data storage two options are available. The standard one is a ‘managed-csi-premium’ disk that is pretty slow. It only gives 2300 IOPS and 150MB/s for 512GB volume. For 1TB it looks better with 5000 IOPS and 200MB/s. For demanding users there are modern Premium V2 disks that allow flexible IOPS/throughput configuration similar to AWS gp3 ones. The baseline throughput is 125MB/s; we also preconfigure 250/500/1000MB/s options. In the future, we plan to extend our EBS params controller to enable users to manage throughput dynamically for Azure Premium V2 disks.

Backups and logs are stored at Azure Blob Storage just as they work for AWS S3 and GCP object storage on other cloud providers.

That’s all! Adding a new cloud provider was never so easy before. Try it out! And if you have other providers you would like to see supported, contact us. Our mission is to enable you to run ClickHouse anywhere. Put us to the test!