Big Data Analytics Impact on the Telecom Industry, and How ClickHouse® Accelerates Success


Today’s world is fulfilled with a large amount of data coming from social media networks, smart devices, customer behaviors, call data records, billing information, and there are many other ways to produce a huge amount of data. For many telecom operators it is challenging to control and manage such data volumes, even more, put them, in a good use. However, every challenge can be turned into an opportunity, and large amounts of data can provide many profit bringing insights.

Get value from big data

Now we are producing more big data than ever, telecommunication companies can no longer afford to not make use of it. Communications service providers need to rapidly process, store and analyze insights from the large volume of data traveling across their networks. Big data analytics can help telecom companies improve profitability by optimizing network usage, enhancing customer experience, and improving security.

Big data use cases in Telecom Industry

Using big data in the right way can bring more of business-driven outcomes. An effective data analytics can help operators to enhance the overall value of their business in regards to service optimization, customer satisfaction and revenues. Bellow, you can see some cases of how telecoms can benefit from big data analytics the most:

  • Gather more customer-centric insights and improve customer experiences
    With the right analytical capabilities telecoms are able to develop full rounded customer profiles and by analyzing real-time data they can deliver much more targeted offers.
  • Better risk management and reduced customer crunch
    With predictive analysis and machine learning, algorithms telecoms now can have better customer insights, and gather more accurate predictions of which customers are more likely to leave.
  • Improve business model
    The large amount of information within operator networks help telecoms to achieve better business decisions based on data analytics and move towards the digital transformation of their businesses.
  • Increase revenues
    Due to analyzed big data, operators can identify new opportunities that have a competitive advantage. Analytical information based on customer behavior can provide insights into new markets or niche segments.
  • Improve security
    With big data analytics, telecom companies can build models that can flag suspicious phone calls, which might indicate theft or hacking or analyze call data records in real-time.

Through agile solutions and big data analysis, telecom operators have a real opportunity to gain a much more complete picture of their operations, customers, and further innovative projects.

Accelerate your success with ClickHouse

Every operator is constantly searching for new ways to increase revenues and profits during a time of slow growth in the industry, but few have demonstrated the capabilities needed to make the most of big data and its analytics. To extract more value from big data, we offer ClickHouse solution as they proceed down the path of big data.

ClickHouse is an open source SQL analytic database management system which performance exceeds other comparable column-oriented systems currently available on the market. Due to its advanced technology ClickHouse works 100-500x faster and requires less hardware than traditional approaches bringing instant results while processing data, allowing companies to do more projects, and with lower operational costs. ClickHouse performance and scalability makes it perfectly suited for constantly growing big data demands.

ClickHouse is a perfect match for telecom companies. Its column store architecture is most efficient for analytics, it is also very good processing time series data, on par with or better than best commercially available solutions, it can be deployed everywhere and even be used at edge computing, thanks to Apache 2.0 license, and it is just fast, very fast.

For getting more information about ClickHouse possibilities and benefits, contact its leading service provider Altinity that will help you to become more efficient with ClickHouse technology, better adapt to a changing environment, and get a competitive edge in building world-class solutions.