ClickHouse Digest #1

Activity in and around ClickHouse has dramatically increased recent weeks. Percona Live in Dublin, meetups in Bay Area and Berlin, new features, many new companies adopting ClickHouse — all that generate a lot of news and increase interest to ClickHouse further.

In this article I would like to highlight some ClickHouse recent news. Eventually we plan to publish a monthly ClickHouse news digest, so this is a test ball.

Migration to ClickHouse. Practical guide

Author: Alexander Zaitsev, Altinity Co-founder

In this presentation, Alexander talks about his experience in migration company data to ClickHouce, shares the most important lessons they learned, and discusses the best application design practices for building a large-scale platform based on ClickHouse.

Migration to ClickHouse

Oct 23, 2017   
ClickHouse is an excellent analytics database choice not just for startups but also for companies that have already invested significant amount of resources into their analytics solutions, but are not completely satisfied with the results. In this article we will discuss how and when companies consider the ClickHouse migration project, and what challenges they may expect. We do not disclose any names, but every example has a real world prototype. 

Building Multi-Petabyte Data Warehouses with ClickHouse

Author: Alexander Zaitsev, Altinity Co-founder

Overview: At LifeStreet we needed to scale our real time ad analytics platform to multiple petabytes. When Yandex has released ClickHouse to Open Source we quickly realized its potential, and started our implementation project. It was a long way but it finally worked out great.

Webinar: Supercharge Your Analytics with ClickHouse

Webinar: Supercharge Your Analytics with ClickHouse

Speakers: Vadim Tkachenko, Percona’s, CTO and Alexander Zaitsev, Altinity’s Co-Founder.

ClickHouse is a real-time analytical database system. Even though they’re only celebrating one year as open source software, it has already proved itself ready for the serious workloads.

ClickHouse New Releases and ChangeLog

It took a while for Yandex to respond to numerous community requests regarding release notes. But finally it’s there. On August 21-st Yandex created a changelog file covering releases starting from 1.1.54245, and they keep it up to date so far.

Who and Why is Using ClickHouse

In this article we discover several companies that are using ClickHouse in production for different use cases. 

ClickHouse Data Distribution

Jun 5, 2017   
ClickHouse data distribution and replication are fundamental techniques for building reliable and scalable ClickHouse systems. In this article we will explain how it works from the user perspective

ClickHouse Release Notes

ClickHouse is an exellent DBMS with very smart people working on it. Unfortunately, it still lacks some important communication procedures, and arguable the most wanted one is release notes. 

Altinity mission is to make ClickHouse use easy for everbody, and we will try to fill the gap between Yandex and end users. 

Below are release notes that Yandex team presented at the recent meetup in Ekaterinburg. It includes changes and new features appeared in latest 1.1.54231 release as well as some others that were not yet documented or publically explained.

ClickHouse Dictionaries Explained

Apr 12, 2017   
One of the most useful ClickHouse features is external dictionaries. They are extremely powerful, and if used efficiently may lead to quite elegant designs. I will lead you through the dictionaries using few examples that highlight basic and advanced usage scenarios. So let’s begin.