Harnessing the Power of ClickHouse Arrays – Part 3

This final article completes our tour of array capabilities. We’ll survey functions for array map and reduce operations, demonstrating behavior and commenting on performance. This is an opportunity to dig further into lambdas, which are critical for using arrays effectively.

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Harnessing the Power of ClickHouse Arrays – Part 2

ClickHouse arrays combine neatly with GROUP BY aggregation. We show how arrays track sequences and offer a couple of ways to do funnel analysis.

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Harnessing the Power of ClickHouse Arrays – Part 1

ClickHouse contributors regularly add analytic features that go beyond standard SQL. This design approach is common in successful open source projects and reflects a bias toward solving real-world problems creatively. Arrays are a great example.

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Introduction to High-Velocity Analytics Using ClickHouse Arrays

October 7, 2020
with Robert Hodges

Arrays are a prominent ClickHouse SQL extension that can accelerate query speed up to 100x in well-chosen use cases. This webinar introduces ClickHouse arrays and shows how to use them effectively. We provide examples of idiomatic usage and guides you on use cases where you should immediately reach for arrays. Please join us to become a power user of this popular ClickHouse feature.

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