Uncle Data Podcast – Altinity, OLAP Databases, ClickHouse®, and the Quest for Real-Time Insights with Robert Hodges

Recorded: November 10
By: Tomas Peluritis & Robert Hodges – Altinity, OLAP Databases, ClickHouse, and the Quest for Real-Time Insights

Tomas Peluritis and Robert joined forces and created another awesome episode for the Uncle Data Podcast.

Join us in this enlightening episode as we sit down with Robert Hodges, a seasoned expert in databases and programming. We delve into the fascinating evolution of programming languages, discussing the rise of Rust, the dominance of Java in the US, and C++’s stronghold in Eastern Europe.

Robert offers a deep dive into ClickHouse, highlighting its unique development in C++ and its seamless integration capabilities with Kafka. We explore the universality of SQL, its enduring relevance, and the challenges its syntax presents, even to seasoned developers.

For those keen on expanding their knowledge, Robert recommends the transformative book “Java Concurrency in Practice” by Brian Goetz, which sheds light on Java’s concurrency features and the intricacies of the Java memory model.

We also touch upon the evolution of Perl, drawing parallels with languages like COBOL, and reflect on the invaluable role books have played in the journey of many developers.

Whether you’re a database enthusiast, a programming language aficionado, or someone keen on the intricacies of data processing, this episode promises a wealth of insights. Tune in!