Making the Journey to FedRAMP: Cisco Umbrella, Altinity, and ClickHouse-based Analytics

Recorded: June 20 @ 10:00 am PT
Presenters: Pauline Yeung Data Engineer & SecDevOps @Cisco Umbrella, and Robert Hodges CEO @Altinity

The Cisco Umbrella team is working with Altinity to stand up a FedRAMP Medium deployment for government customers using Altinity’s FIPS-compatible builds of ClickHouse. Join us to learn how the teams work together on this critical project. 

  • What is Cisco Umbrella, and how does it use ClickHouse? 
  • What are the challenges of bringing up ClickHouse in a FedRAMP environment? 
  • How are Cisco Umbrella and Altinity working together to deploy FIPS-compatible analytics? 
  • What lessons can we share with other users on the same path? 
Here are the slides: