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ClickHouse is the hottest analytic database on the planet and Altinity is the home of ClickHouse experts who build real-time data solutions that run anywhere. ClickHouse now has more contributors than ElasticSearch, previously the biggest Open Source analytic project on GitHub.
Altinity is a distributed company that values employees, open-source, and doing the right things for customers.

Altinity is looking for a great server internals engineer. As ClickHouse Server Engineer you’ll be responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting features of ClickHouse ranging from encryption to storage to query processing. We’re looking for imaginative engineers with a background in database internals and in high-performance languages like C++.

We have lots of exciting projects underway with more to come as we help adapt ClickHouse to the cloud and Kubernetes.

Candidates need to meet the following qualifications:
  • Prior demonstrated experience in developing/modifying high-performance DBMS
  • Excellent background in database internals including query languages, access methods, storage, and/or connectivity
  • Prior experience with C++ or C, and the ability to read and write good C++
  • Basic understanding of networking and IO on Linux
  • Familiar with performance optimizations techniques and tools
  • History of getting pull requests vetted and merged in rapidly evolving open source projects
  • Sound knowledge of software engineering for high reliability and performance: unit testing, component design, and low-level performance optimization
  • Enthusiasm to learn more about database technology and data-related applications
  • Good English language reading and writing skills
  • Eager to work with a friendly, distributed team following open source dev practices
A day in your life as a ClickHouse server engineer may include any or all of the following:
  • Write good task-specific C++ code, solidify it with tests
  • Diagnose and fix bugs reported by customers
  • Debug existing issues, fix them and add tests to make sure they wouldn’t happen again
  • Profile existing code and make it faster (either by applying clever algorithms, adding vectorized intrinsics or by implementing cool tricks), add performance tests
  • Help the Support Team to investigate customer issues
  • Research ideas for additions to ClickHouse
  • Design, implement, and test new ClickHouse features
  • Submit your own pull requests and review pull requests from others
  • Help new community members contribute to ClickHouse
  • Attend meetups and make presentations on open source development
  • Write blog articles and share information about ClickHouse
Our Benefits:
  • Work from Anywhere, Anytime: We are not your typical nine-to-five shop! Enjoy the flexibility of working from literally wherever and whenever. Create a schedule that works for you and your family or lifestyle. Recharge your batteries with our open vacation policies.
  • Cultural Diversity: We love that we get to work with passionate people from around the world. Currently, our team is made of professionals from 12 different countries!
  • Career Development: We provide opportunities to learn new technologies as well as try out new roles. We also offer access to training on leading-edge technologies, plus flexible work schedules for external education.
  • USA Employees Benefits: We offer comprehensive PPO health care plans for our US-based employees that are incredibly flexible to meet the needs of individuals or families. 401K with company match also available.
  • Company Travel: We come together in person two to three times per year in locations across the globe. During non-pandemic times, of course! We also fund travel to conferences and encourage presentations as well as contributions to open source communities.

This is a full-time position and includes equity in the company.
Altinity is venture-funded and financially stable.
We are 100% remote. You may work anywhere you have work permits. 

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to

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