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The Open Source Analytics Conference

November 19 November 21 PST

The Open Source Analytics Conference (OSA CON) is the go-to conference for all things open-source analytics. Join the doers of the modern data stack. Want to be part of OSA CON’s great speakers? Submit your talk proposals until June 27, 2024.

Learn, share, connect, and explore the latest in data ingestion, orchestration, databases, infrastructure, governance, visualization, and AI.

Why attend OSA CON?

  • OSA CON emphasizes the acceleration of AI and its profound impact on the world; the ways that AI is changing analytics–and also where it’s not.

  • OSA CON focuses on how builders are integrating AI into their products, and communities, and changing the data landscape to learn about new techniques in analytics and see the code that makes them work.

  • OSA CON is all about celebrating Open Source Analytics in a fun, inspiring, and practical way by finding insightful keynotes, introductions, and updates on analytic technologies.

  • The spotlight is on the innovators of open-source analytics rather than commercial interests.

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