Big Data Conference Europe 2023 – Live & Online Event

Big Data Conference Europe is a four-day event that focuses on technical discussions in the areas of Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. The conference comprises a series of workshops and sessions, aimed at bringing together developers, IT professionals, and users, to share their experiences, discuss best practices, and describe use cases and business applications related to their successes. The event is designed to educate, inform, and inspire – organized by people who are passionate about Big Data and Data Exploration.
Our Engineering Manager, Denys Kondratenko, will be happy to share with the audience the talk Fast, Faster, Fastest: Object Storage, Cloud Block Storage, and SSD in Analytic Database.
We look forward to seeing you there!

OSA Con 2023: Bigger, Better, and Open for Registrations

Hello, open source fans! OSA Con 2023 will run from 12 to 14 December this year. Learn, share, connect, and explore the latest in data ingestion, orchestration, databases, infrastructure, governance, visualization, and AI. Join the doers of the modern data stack.


ClickHouse and Apache Parquet: Past, Present, and Future

Apache Parquet, a popular columnar storage format, has become a linchpin for data-driven organizations seeking efficient and scalable solutions.
ClickHouse can read and write Parquet data at very high speeds which allows interesting integration capability.
In this webinar, we will walk through the existing ClickHouse functionality, give an overview of performance improvements over the last year, and discuss how ClickHouse can do even better.
Presenter: Alexander Zaitsev - Altinity co-founder and CTO. ClickHouse expert since 2016

FOSDEM 2024 Conference

Our CEO, Robert Hodges, will be speaking at FOSDEM 2024, Brussels, on the 4th of February.
FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas, and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open-source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels.
FOSDEM 2024, February 3&4, Brussels.

ConFoo 2024 Conference

Another conference Robert Hodges is speaking at in February 2024 is ConFoo Canada. ConFoo is back for its 22nd edition, at Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal, with a full stack of incredible talks with the best speakers in the industry. You can expect a large variety of talks covering 10 major topics: Software Architecture, Software Quality & Security, Management, Artificial Intelligence, and DevOps along with the latest developments in PHP, Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, …

Eureka! 8 developer tricks for running ClickHouse on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a great platform for ClickHouse with many success stories. What are the tricks that make it possible? This webinar shows 8 practices to help ClickHouse developers build faster and more cost-efficient analytics on Kubernetes. We'll start with using the Altinity operator, work our way through various techniques to scale up or shut off compute, and end with advice on zero-downtime upgrade. Along the way we'll review key Kubernetes features like node autoscaling. Join us to learn more about data on Kubernetes and impress your friends!