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FOSDEM 2024 Conference

Our CEO, Robert Hodges, will be speaking at FOSDEM 2024, Brussels, on the 4th of February.
FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas, and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open-source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels.
FOSDEM 2024, February 3&4, Brussels.

ConFoo 2024 Conference

Another conference Robert Hodges is speaking at in February 2024 is ConFoo Canada. ConFoo is back for its 22nd edition, at Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal, with a full stack of incredible talks with the best speakers in the industry. You can expect a large variety of talks covering 10 major topics: Software Architecture, Software Quality & Security, Management, Artificial Intelligence, and DevOps along with the latest developments in PHP, Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, …

Eureka! 8 developer tricks for running ClickHouse on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a great platform for ClickHouse with many success stories. What are the tricks that make it possible? This webinar shows 8 practices to help ClickHouse developers build faster and more cost-efficient analytics on Kubernetes. We'll start with using the Altinity operator, work our way through various techniques to scale up or shut off compute, and end with advice on zero-downtime upgrade. Along the way we'll review key Kubernetes features like node autoscaling. Join us to learn more about data on Kubernetes and impress your friends!

Deep Dive on ClickHouse Sharding and Replication Webinar

ClickHouse works out of the box on a single machine, but it gets complicated in a cluster. ClickHouse provides two scaling-out dimensions -- sharding and replication -- and understanding when and how those should be applied is vital for production and high-load applications. In this webinar we will focus on ClickHouse cluster setup and configuration, cluster operation in public clouds, executing distributed queries, hedged requests, and more.

ClickHouse Performance Master Class – Tools and Techniques to Speed up any ClickHouse App Webinar

ClickHouse gives impressive performance out of the box. Our webinar will show you how to make it amazing. We start by providing a framework for performance that includes basic drivers like I/O and compute, as well as ClickHouse structures like compression and indexes. We'll also discuss tools to evaluate performance including ClickHouse system tables and EXPLAIN. We'll then demonstrate how to evaluate and improve performance for common query use cases ranging from MergeTree data on block storage to Parquet files in data lakes. Join our webinar to become a master at diagnosing query bottlenecks and curing them quickly.


Database Trends & Applications is excited to bring our community of data professionals together this May in Boston for 3 days of practical advice, inspiring thought leadership, and in-depth training. Join your peers to learn, share, and celebrate the trends and technologies shaping the future of data. And, see where the world of big data and data science is going and how to get there first.
Our CEO, Robert Hodges is one of the speakers at this conference and his talk will reveal all on Elevate Your Data: Real-time Analytics on Kubernetes via ClickHouse (just changed title, but the same as Building Real-time Analytics on Kubernetes with the ClickHouse Operator).

Petabyte-Scale Data in Real-Time: ClickHouse, S3 Object Storage, and Data Lakes

These days new ClickHouse applications start with petabyte-sized datasets and scale up from there. Fortunately, ClickHouse gives you open-source tools for real-time analytics on big data: MergeTree backed by object storage as well as reading on data lakes. We'll start by showing you popular design patterns for ingest, aggregation, and queries on source data. We'll then dig into specific best practices for defining S3 storage policies, reading from Parquet data, backing up, monitoring, and setting up high-performance clusters in the cloud. It's all open source and works in any cloud. Join us!