Supercharging Observability at OpsVerse using ClickHouse Real-Time Analytics

Observability is the ability to infer the state of applications by observing their outputs. This webinar will show how OpsVerse is changing the observability game with real-time analytics on ClickHouse and software from Altinity. The first part will explain the observability use case and how OpsVerse seeks to solve it. Next, we'll introduce ClickHouse and demonstrate the features and cloud-native operation that make it dominant in real-time analytics. Finally, we'll show how OpsVerse implements highly responsive observability tools using ClickHouse, Kubernetes, and the Altinity Operator for ClickHouse. This talk is a two-fer: learn about how OpsVerse helps with observability and get inspiration to apply ClickHouse real-time analytics to your applications.

New Tips and Tricks that Every ClickHouse Developer Should Know

Building analytic applications on ClickHouse? Great choice!
In this talk, we'll show 7 tricks to develop analytic apps that are fast, cost-efficient, and easy to maintain. They include loading data from S3, using aggregation instead of joins, applying materialized views, using compression effectively, and many others. As you learn them you'll also gain insight into how column storage, parallel processing, and distributed algorithms make ClickHouse the fastest analytic database on the planet.
Join us to unleash the power of real-time data today!

ClickHouse April 2023 [Virtual] Meetup

San Francisco Bay Area ClickHouse Meetup, April 2023. Tune in to join the talks presented by Robert Hodges from Altinity Inc and his guests. We are still open to welcoming new speakers. Feel free to apply!


ETL vs ELT Cage Fight: Combining RudderStack and ClickHouse to Build Real-Time Data Pipelines

How to transform data during data warehouse loading is a hot topic: Transform during loading (ELT) or in the database (ETL)? The correct answer is "yes."
Our webinar shows how to combine RudderStack and ClickHouse to build data pipelines that transform data cleanly and efficiently.
We'll start by defining standard transformations, then demonstrate how to implement them in RudderStack, ClickHouse, or both. The result is data pipelines that are simple, fast, and easy to maintain.
Join us to learn the tricks of real-time data loading from our experts!