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JSConf Mexico 2024: Collect, Ingest, Observe: A New Era for (free) JS Monitoring!


Collect, Ingest, Observe: A New Era for (free) JS Monitoring!

October 31 November 1 Guadalajara, Mexico

Monitoring JavaScript applications might seem like a formidable challenge, but it’s time for a change in perspective. This session is set to demystify the complexities of observability, paving a clear and impactful path to proficiency with OpenTelemetry (OTel) alongside a selection of powerful open-source tools (Grafana & ClickHouse®).

Prepare to easily navigate the intricate waters of observability, as we guide you through the essentials of collecting comprehensive telemetry data for insightful visibility into your application’s performance and health. We’ll explore the synergistic power of OTel and the JavaScript ecosystem, further enhanced by other OSS tools and a real-time DB. This combination will ensure you never miss what is happening within your applications, but what is better: it achieves this without wasting thousands (or even millions) of dollars on third-party services.

About the Presenter

Ignacio Anaya – Cloud Engineer @Altinity

Ignacio is an experienced Senior Engineer, Tech Trainer, and Speaker with a strong background in various industries, primarily focusing on product development. He is proficient in the JavaScript stack and has extensive experience with technologies like Go, AWS, IaC, Bash, DB’s, and E2E. Passionate about coding, teaching, and field hockey, he enjoys contributing to diverse communities, working with open-source projects, and participating in tech conferences.

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