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DevOpsDays Vilnius 2024: Open Source Ecosystem for ClickHouse® on Kubernetes


DevOpsDays Vilnius 2024: Open Source Ecosystem for ClickHouse® on Kubernetes

September 11 September 12 Vilnius, Lithuania

Devopsdays Vilnius is self-organizing and not a profit-oriented event. At the 2023 year event, they gathered 200 like-minded IT engineers to learn and share. Whether you’re a seasoned DevOps enthusiast or just starting your journey, Devopsdays Vilnius 2024 has something for you. Denys Kondratenko, our colleague, will be talking at DevOpsDays Vilnius 2024! Join him and listen to his Open Source Ecosystem for ClickHouse on Kubernetes talk.

Discover the open-source tools necessary to deploy, monitor, manage, and utilize your analytical ClickHouse database on Kubernetes. Whether you’re using a cloud-managed Kubernetes solution or have your deployment, this talk will provide invaluable insights into navigating the open-source ecosystem for ClickHouse. We will explore the key components needed to seamlessly integrate ClickHouse into your Kubernetes environment and maximize its analytics and data processing potential.
The benefit of the ecosystem: Attendees will gain essential insights into deploying ClickHouse databases on Kubernetes using open-source tools. Whether using cloud-managed Kubernetes or self-deployed environments, join us to streamline your ClickHouse deployment and contribute to enhanced efficiency and innovation in data management within the ecosystem.

About the Presenter

Denys Kodratenko – Engineering Manager at Altinity

Denys proactively solves complex issues (technical, organizational, and leadership), builds awesome technical teams, and has a passion for technology. In the course of his career path, he solved issues in several technological domains and industries, including automation systems, industrial machine manufacturers, embedded, telecoms, high-performance computing, distributed file systems, cloud, distributed storage, monitoring, and DBaaS.

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