Date and details for the Open Source Analytics Conference 2022

OSA Con 2022 — the virtual Open Source Analytics Conference — is gearing up for being a great event as we’ve received twice the amount of talk submissions we had last year! Thanks to everyone who’s submitted a talk — we’re still in the process of reviewing them and confirming the schedule. 

But for now, we’re happy to announce that:

Registrations are open — sign up today & see early talks shortlist below

Sign up for OSA Con 2022!

November 15th is coming up fast and the response to OSA Con 2022 so far has been enthusiastic and very encouraging. 

Our goal is to bring together a diverse set of speakers from the entire open source analytic community and thanks to some amazing speakers, we’ve succeeded! 

The early schedule looks awesome and here is a sample of talks you’ll hear. 

  • Mary Grygleski from DataStax will be talking about ‘Building a Real-time Analytics Application with Apache Pulsar and Apache Pinot’
  • Doris Lee from Ponder will be walking us through ‘Scaling Your Pandas Analytics with Modin’
  • Rachel Pedreschi from Ahana will have a comparison talk for you called ‘To Warehouse or to Lakehouse? And How Do Open Source Projects Compare?’
  • Michael Hausenblas from Amazon will be discussing ‘Signal Correlation, the Ho11y Grail’
  • Liquan Pei from PingCap will be answering the question: ‘How Can HTAP Databases Simplify Your Data Infrastructure?’
  • Satbir Chahal from OpsVerse will be giving a talk on ‘Switching Distributed Tracing (Jaeger) Storage Backend to ClickHouse to Enable Advanced Performance Management (APM) Analytics’

Finally, you won’t want to miss the panel discussion on ‘Open Source Analytics, Public Clouds, and VC Mega-Investment’ with Doug Cutting (Apache Software), Maxime Beauchemin (Preset), and David Nalley (Amazon).

We’ll be adding to the schedule over the next couple of weeks, and will communicate the final version before the end of the month.

Sign up today and attend these talks on November 15th!

We would like to thank our speakers as well as our awesome community partners who are helping to make OSA Con a success. 

Together you represent many tens of thousands of members. 

We’re proud to work with the wider open source analytics community, sharing ways to build the next generation of analytic applications

See you on November 15th!

P.S.: If you have questions about OSA Con email us at


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