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Editor’s Note: This blog article is also posted on the official ClickHouse blog. We would like to thank Alexey Milovidov, Ivan Blinkov, and Alexander Zaitsev for their kind assistance. One of the great “features” of[...]

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Percona Live Online

The first 24-hour, Around-The-World Open Source Database Conference

Percona Live ONLINE is the place to learn about how open source database technology can power your applications, improve your websites, secure your data, and solve critical database issues. Brought to the community, free of charge for anyone to attend.

20:30 EDT
Open Source cost-efficiency in action: analyzing 500B rows on a single ClickHouse server
by Alexander Zaitsev, Altinity CTO

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Percona Live Europe 2018

Altinity is thrilled to be among the sponsors of the event. Visit our booth in the Exhibit Hall

Use a complimentary code ALT20 to get 20% off of a full conference pass

1. ClickHouse 2018: How to stop waiting for your queries to complete and start having fun
Speaker: Alexander Zaitsev, Altinity CTO
Wednesday 11:20 AM - 12:10 PM @ Nikkei room

2. Advanced Features of ClickHouse
Speaker: Aleksei Milovidov, Yandex
Wednesday 12:20 PM - 1:10 PM @ Nikkei room

3. ClickHouse at Messagebird: analysing billions of events in real-time
Speakers: Aleksandar Aleksandrov and Felix Mattrat, MessageBird
Wednesday 2:20 PM - 3:10 PM @ Nikkei room

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