Announcing Updates to 21.1 and 21.8 Altinity Stable Builds

altinity stable builds for clickhouse

We keep our promise to support and deliver Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse. These builds undergo additional testing from our side, are built in a secure environment, are signed and are maintained for 3 years. In the previous month we have released two updates to 2021 releases, but did not announce them officially on the Altinity Blog. Now we are fixing the gap.

Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse

This is a security update to release. It backports fixes for several CVEs into 21.1 version:

As we discussed in a recent Altinity Blog article, JFrog discovered these CVEs and reported them to the Yandex team in 2021. The CVEs have been already included in 21.3.19 and 21.8.11 and Altinity.Stable and ClickHouse builds and all ClickHouse builds after 21.10. We have now backported the fixes to 21.1 as part of our long-term maintenance policy for Altinity Stable builds.

We recommend all users running ClickHouse 21.1 upgrade to this version.

Docker Image: altinity/clickhouse-server: 

Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse

This is the Altinity Stable build based on the community version. 

Changes compared to the Community Build

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with merging configs that have and root XML tags. (backport of ClickHouse@213ecae) (via #114).
  • Bug Fix: Backport of ClickHouse#31823 to 21.8: Fix invalid cast of nullable type when nullable primary key is used (via #110)
  • Build/Testing/Packaging Improvement: Various macOS compilation and packaging fixes/backporting (via #108)
  • Build/Testing/Packaging Improvement: Minor test improvements (via afb4a0a, 4c35386)

Changes compared to the previous Altinity Stable

We recommend users running ClickHouse 21.8 upgrade to this version.

Docker image: altinity/clickhouse-server:
Homebrew formula: clickhouse@21.8-altinity-stable-

Altinity Stable for ClickHouse 22.3 is coming!

ClickHouse 21.8 has been our go-to ClickHouse release for production deployments for many months. However, as new features are added to ClickHouse users demand an update. We have been testing ClickHouse 22.3 releases since early April and are going to certify the build very soon. This is going to be a huge update with a lot of new features and improvements. Stay tuned!