Altinity Cumulative Release Notes for Q1 2022


Our team has been busy coming out with new versions of our products since the beginning of the year, so it seemed appropriate to summarize that in a blog post with all details in one place. 

All of our products are open source and can be accessed via our GitHub account at .

The following Altinity products were updated in the first quarter of 2022.  

For full details of recent product updates, see the Altinity Documentation Site Release Notes page.


Altinity.Cloud: Fully Managed & Reliable Open Source ClickHouse – provides organizations with a powerful and management way to create, update, monitor and use ClickHouse clusters in the cloud.  Altinity.Cloud supports AWS and GCP, and lets you manage your data while Altinity manages your ClickHouse.

For more information on Altinity.Cloud, see the Altinity.Cloud product page for a free demo, or the Altinity.Cloud documentation.

Most recent updates:

Altinity Backup for ClickHouse

Provides support to backup and restore ClickHouse data from local and cloud storage, including AWS, Azure, Google, and other cloud providers.  For more details, see the Altinity Backup Github Repository.

Most recent updates:

Altinity Dashboard for Kubernetes

This tool allows users to manage their Kubernetes based ClickHouse installations controlled by the Altinity ClickHouse Operator.  For more details, see the Altinity Dashboard for Kubernetes GitHub repository.

Most recent updates:

Altinity Kubernetes Operator

Allows users to create and manage ClickHouse clusters in Kubernetes.  This tool is essential for any organizations seeking to run a ClickHouse cluster whether in a local or cloud based Kubernetes environment.  For more details, see the Altinity Kubernetes Operator GitHub repository or the Altinity ClickHouse on Kubernetes guides.

Most recent updates:

Altinity Stable for ClickHouse

Altinity Stable for ClickHouse provides 3 year development supported, back patched and tested version of ClickHouse for production systems.  For more information, see the Altinity Stable Builds page or the Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse documentation site. 

Most recent updates:

Altinity Tableau Connector for ClickHouse

The Altinity Tableau Connector for ClickHouse provides a plugin to submit queries from Tableau into ClickHouse.  For more information, see the Altinity Tableau Connector for ClickHouse GitHub repository.

Most recent updates:

Finally, and in addition to our open source products, we also provide support and services to translate advanced ClickHouse technology to working analytic applications that guide your business. Need something else? Let’s talk!