Merging Predictive Analytics and ClickHouse® Database

Presenters: Jorge Torres – CEO, MindsDB | Patricio Cerda-Mardini – AI Research, MindsDB, Robert Hodges – CEO, Altinity

Predictive analytics are popular in applications ranging from real-time marketing to factory maintenance. The key challenge is to integrate machine learning with the pools of data required to train models. In this webinar, we will show how to operate machine learning models from within ClickHouse using MindsDB.

The webinar starts with an overview of MindsDB, showing how it integrates easily with SQL using AI tables. Next, we’ll show best practices for ClickHouse queries to ingest training data into MindsDB, as well as to invoke models on new data. Finally, we’ll show a demonstration of multivariate time-series forecasting on the popular New York Taxi and Limousine Commission dataset.

Here are the slides: