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Big Data in Real-Time: How ClickHouse powers Admiral’s visitor relationships for publishers

Recorded: June 16, 2020
Presenters: James Hartig, Co-Founder, Admiral & Robert Hodges, CEO, Altinity

Advertising is dying in the wake of privacy and adblockers. Join us for a conversation with James Hartig, a Co-Founder at Admiral (, who helps publishers diversify their revenue and build more meaningful relationships with users. We start with an overview of Admiral’s platform and how they use large-scale session data to power their engagement engine. We then discuss the ClickHouse features that Admiral uses to power these real-time decisions. Finally, we walk through how Admiral migrated from MongoDB to #ClickHouse and some of their plans for future projects. Join us to learn how ClickHouse drives cutting-edge real-time applications today!

Here are the slides: