CNCF Member Webinar: Democratizing Analytics with Cloud Native Data Warehouses on Kubernetes

Join CNCF Member Webinar, presented by Altinity SQL data warehouses offer high-performance query over enormous quantities of data. Up until now they have been rare beasts on Kubernetes. This webinar introduces the ClickHouse Kubernetes operator and shows how it enables cloud native operation of ClickHouse, a popular open source data warehouse.

Watch the recording here

Building an Analytic Extension to MySQL with ClickHouse and Open Source – Joint Webinar with Percona and Altinity

We will discuss suggestions and tips on how to recognize when MySQL is overburdened with analytics and can benefit from ClickHouse’s unique capabilities. We will then walk through important patterns for integrating MySQL and ClickHouse which will enable building, powerful and cost-efficient applications that leverage the strengths of both databases.

Data Lake, Real-time Analytics, or Both? Exploring Presto and ClickHouse

Join us for this webinar we’re delivering in partnership with Altinity where we’ll explore open source big data solutions. We’ll contrast Presto, the leading SQL Query engine for data lakes, with ClickHouse, the DBMS champ for real-time analytics. After framing the problem with relevant use cases we’ll dig into solutions using Presto and ClickHouse.