New Tips and Tricks that Every ClickHouse Developer Should Know

Building analytic applications on ClickHouse? Great choice!
In this talk, we'll show 7 tricks to develop analytic apps that are fast, cost-efficient, and easy to maintain. They include loading data from S3, using aggregation instead of joins, applying materialized views, using compression effectively, and many others. As you learn them you'll also gain insight into how column storage, parallel processing, and distributed algorithms make ClickHouse the fastest analytic database on the planet.
Join us to unleash the power of real-time data today!

Run ClickHouse like a Cheapskate – 6 Ways to Save Money While Delivering Real-Time Analytics

Everyone knows ClickHouse is fast. How about cheap? This talk reveals the secrets of ClickHouse champion cheapskates to reduce costs and still deliver outstanding performance. The list runs from developing apps on laptops with Docker Compose all the way to cost optimization in the public cloud. We'll also consider application tuning, TTL clauses, tiered storage, caches, and more. Finally, we'll preview the roadmap for cost-efficiency improvements, such as better support for object storage. Our talk is for ClickHouse hackers who want to save big money. Join us and bring your cost questions!

Real-time gets real: the shift to fresh analytics data

We used to think batch processing saved us money and that real-time data was too difficult and expensive to build and maintain. In recent years, powerful databases like ClickHouse have made real-time analytics affordable and accessible to everyone. Join Tinybird CEO Jorge Sancha and Altinity CEO Robert Hodges as they discuss the shift to real-time data.

Bay Area Data on Kubernetes – May 2023 Edition

Welcome to the first official Bay Area Data on Kubernetes meetup! We'll be meeting at a venue kindly provided by Avesha. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. We need to estimate attendance. Doors open at 6 pm for networking. We'll start the festivities by 6:30 pm. Here are the main topics for discussion: Multi-cluster data management on Kubernetes using layered operators by Prasad Dorbala of Avesha, and Repel Boarders! How to find a Kubernetes operator that really protects your data by Robert Hodges of Altinity. If you would like to present at this or a future Bay Area DoK meetup please message the organizers or join the DoK Slack Workspace. We're looking for educational, technical talks that dig deep into experience running databases on Kubernetes. No marketing fluff, ever!

Fortress ClickHouse: Secure Your Database and Foil Evildoers in 15 Minutes or Less

ClickHouse analytic databases contain sensitive data and need protection from hackers. But where to start? Our webinar shows how to think about ClickHouse security, then walks you through standard methods to secure ClickHouse installations that any developer can apply. For each method, we'll explain the threat and show how to remediate it, including a demo of the exact steps. We'll start easy with eliminating plain text passwords, then work up to encryption, network security, certificate management, role-based access control, and file system protections. Implementing security does not need to take long. Bring a stopwatch and see if it's really just 15 minutes!

Making the Journey to FedRAMP: Cisco Umbrella, Altinity, and ClickHouse-based Analytics

The Cisco Umbrella team is working with Altinity to stand up a FedRAMP Medium deployment for government customers using Altinity's FIPS-compatible builds of ClickHouse. Join us to learn how the teams are working together on this critical project.

What is Cisco Umbrella and how does it use ClickHouse?
What are the challenges of bringing up ClickHouse in a FedRAMP environment?
How are Cisco Umbrella and Altinity working together to deploy FIPS-compatible analytics?
What lessons can we share with other users on the same path?

Using the Schema-Agnostic Design Pattern on ClickHouse for Product Analytics at Sumsub

SQL databases like ClickHouse love rectangular data. But what if you can't define your table schema in advance?
Olga Silyutina's talk shows how Sumsub solved this classic problem for product analytics using schema-agnostic design. The Sumsub platform ingests a wide range of event types for delivery to analytics. Sumsub uses a schema-agnostic approach to transform different event types with ClickHouse materialized views into a flattened form that's convenient for analysis. Apache Airflow brings the resulting data to Superset for visualization.
Olga's talk provides detailed design and code examples for each step of this innovative solution.

Build a Low-Cost, High-Performance Analytic Platform with Kubernetes and Open Source

Tired of big bills from Snowflake and BigQuery? Want to keep data in-house? Trying to avoid vendor lock-in? Solve these problems and more by building your own cloud-native analytic service. We start with the architecture of close-source, cloud analytic databases like Snowflake. We then introduce an equally capable design for real-time analytics built entirely on robust open source. Next, we stand up an example using Kubernetes for the run-time, ClickHouse as the query engine, and infrastructure-as-code to deploy apps. Ingest, visualization, and system services are all included. The talk ends with cost numbers to prove that you can operate the service at a fraction of the cost of your current cloud database.

(Code used in the platform demo is open source and available on GitHub.)

Using S3 Storage and ClickHouse: Basic and Advanced Wizardry

S3-compatible object storage can reduce cost and improve flexibility in ClickHouse analytics. This talk helps develop the legerdemain to use it well. We'll start with standard use patterns like tiered storage and archiving to Parquet. Next, we'll dig into the details of using object storage in ClickHouse tables: storage policies, authentication, caching, and zero-copy replication. Finally, we'll present expert tips on topics like S3 cost optimization, designing for mutable data, backup, and others. Join our expert presenters and bring your questions!

Snowflake, BigQuery, or ClickHouse? Pro Tricks to Build Cost-Efficient Analytics for Any Business

Do you ever look at your bill for Snowflake or BigQuery and just sigh? This talk is for you. We'll explain how pricing works for popular analytic databases and how to get the best deal. Then we'll look at how to build an alternative using open-source ClickHouse data warehouses. As the pros say, open source may be free but it ain't cheap! We'll teach you the tricks to build your own ClickHouse analytic stack that's less expensive and faster than Snowflake. Join us to become a wizard of cloud cost management.

Keeping Your Cloud Native Data Safe: A Common-Sense Guide to Kubernetes, ClickHouse, and Security

Kubernetes is now the default environment for ClickHouse-based analytic platforms. But how to keep your data safe? Our talk is a practical walkthrough of security for ClickHouse on Kubernetes. We'll show you how to divide the security problem into easily understood pieces. Then we'll walk through practical ways you can protect data using the Altinity Operator for ClickHouse, Kubernetes Secrets, managed Kubernetes, and more. You don't have to be a security wizard to protect your ClickHouse data. Common sense and a little organization will do. Join us to find out how!