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2nd November 2021

OSA Con 2021

Open source is enabling a new wave of high-performance, analytical systems that explore data from digital businesses. At OSA Con 2021, we connect developers of advanced open source software and developers of the innovative analytic applications that use them. You’ll learn how your peers:

  • Implement SaaS analytics for CDN management, real-time marketing, and other new use cases
  • Leverage low latency data warehouses to drive real-time app response to evolving business conditions
  • Scale analytic systems to millions of events per second without complex pipelines
  • Offer imaginative low-code/no-code data visualization to users
  • Extend size of datasets available for exploratory queries using tiered storage and compression
  • Exploit improvements in features like query vectorization and JIT compilation from open source project roadmaps
  • And much more!

Our goal is to push further improvements by stimulating synergy between open source projects and analytic applications. Learn More!



2nd November 2021