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API World 2023 – Live Event

Oct 24-26, 2023 · Santa Clara, CA

Join thousands of global technical leaders, engineers, software architects, and executives at the world’s largest and longest-running API & microservices event – in its 11th year!

Our CEO, Robert Hodges, will be speaking at API World 2023 on how to Build Real-time Analytics on Kubernetes with the ClickHouse Operator. If you are looking to transform your apps with real-time analytics, Kubernetes is an outstanding platform operating high-performance databases and ClickHouse runs well on it. This talk starts from the basics of Kubernetes and introduces an operator we implemented that enables you to stand up ClickHouse clusters. We’ll walk through the installation process and bring up a ClickHouse cluster in real time during the talk. We’ll then show how running on Kubernetes enables emergent behavior like independent scaling of compute and storage, server fault tolerance, cross-AZ high availability, and rolling upgrades. You’ll have enough guidance from this talk to start your journey to real-time data on a robust, cloud-native architecture.

Live in Santa Clara/CA

Oct 24-26 · Conferences & Workshops
Oct 25-26 · Expo
Oct 09-26 · Online & Live Hackathon