Real-time Moving Average with ClickHouse Live Views

In data analytics, analysts often use moving averages. Moving averages help to smooth data series as well as identify long term trends. New Live View tables start to bring real-time capabilities to ClickHouse.

One of the applications of Live View tables is a calculation of real-time metrics on the event data. Readings from IoT sensors, price ticks from the stock exchange, or some metrics from your production servers are some of the examples of event data streams. ClickHouse can store all this data with a good compression ratio and excellent analytical query performance.

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Taking a Closer Look at ClickHouse Live View Tables

In the couple of previous blog posts, I have introduced Live Views tables and covered basic usage. Now, in this post, we will take a closer look at Live View tables. Specifically, we will look at the options available for the WATCH query, then introduce temporary Live Views, as well as look at the new JSONEachRowWithProgress format.

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Using Live View Tables with a Real Dataset

My previous blog article introduced Live View tables, a new feature in ClickHouse that enables users to subscribe to query results and get new results as the underlying input changes.
In this article, we will continue to explore using Live View tables but now using a real dataset.

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Making Data Come to Life with ClickHouse Live View Tables

Have you ever wanted to get a notification from your database when the query result has changed due to new data? Have you ever wanted to build a real-time dashboard where your graphs would change in real-time based on fresh aggregates from your ClickHouse cluster? Well, starting in the ClickHouse release, an experimental feature was added to ClickHouse that you most likely did not notice.

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