High Performance, High Reliability Data Loading on ClickHouse

December 9, 2020
with Alexander Zaitsev

Data loading is a critical topic when building real-time data warehouses on ClickHouse. This webinar covers three ClickHouse topics every app designer should understand: insert performance, transaction reliability, and data deduplication.

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Podcast: My Future Business Interview with Robert Hodges

July 24, 2019

If you’re a business that manages a lot of commercial data, and you need a solution that reliably stores and analyzes that information, then this call is for you!

Robert Hodges, Altinity CEO with Rick Nuske, My Future Business

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Podcast: Scale Your Analytics On The Clickhouse Data Warehouse

July 8, 2019
Robert Hodges and Alexander Zaitsev on Data Engineering Podcast with Tobias Macey

The market for data warehouse platforms is large and varied, with options for every use case. ClickHouse is an open source, column-oriented database engine built for interactive analytics with linear scalability. In this episode Robert Hodges and Alexander Zaitsev explain how it is architected to provide these features, the various unique capabilities that it provides, and how to run it in production. It was interesting to learn about some of the custom data types and performance optimizations that are included.

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