ClickHouse Crushing Time Series

ClickHouse Crushing Time Series

Nov 15, 2018Once upon a time we spotted TSBS ( — Time Series Benchmark Suite, started by InfluxDB engineers and polished to perfection by TimescaleDB team. The suite allows to compare apples-to-apples when testing different databases: it is a framework…

ClickHouse vs Amazon RedShift Benchmark #2: STAR2002 dataset

Jul 3, 2017   We continue to benchmark ClickHouse against other analytic DBMSs. We were inspired by the benchmark with star2002 experiment dataset described here, and decided to replicate it using ClickHouse. That gives another interesting comparison vs Amazon RedShift.

ClickHouse Dictionaries Benchmarking

Apr 26, 2017   There are few ClickHouse benchmarks in the web already. Most of them use denormalized database schema. However, in denormalization is not always possible or desirable. In this article we will compare the query performance between denormalized and…