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16th June 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Welcome to the June 2021 ClickHouse Meetup! We have a scheduled talk from Alexey Milovidov on ClickHouse roadmap plus another TBD talk on ClickHouse applications.

Here’s the agenda:

* ClickHouse 2021: New Features and Roadmap — Alexey Milovidov from Yandex. As everyone knows, Alexey is original designer and current lead committer on ClickHouse. This talk surveys recent additions like window functions, PostgreSQL compatibility, GRPC, and many more. There’s also a review of big roadmap items. This year we’re giving Zookeeper the heave-ho, adding SQL DELETE, and adding better support for transactions as well as backups, plus many other features.

* TBD — Your name here. We’ll be adding another talk. Contact us if you would like to present.

Please register on Eventbrite to attend.

Meetup will also be streamed to Youtube as usual. Stay tuned for the line.