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How to Build Fast, Scalable Application Monitoring using Open Source – Joint Webinar with VictoriaMetrics and Altinity

24th January 2023 @ 9:00 am 10:00 am PST

Monitoring is the key to successful operation of any software service, but commercial solutions are complex, expensive, and slow. Let us show you how to build monitoring that is simple, cost-effective, and fast using open source stacks easily accessible to any developer.

We’ll start with the elements of monitoring systems: data ingest, query engine, visualization, and alerting. We’ll then explain and contrast two implementation approaches. The first uses VictoriaMetrics, a fast growing, high performance time series database that uses PromQL for queries. The second is based on ClickHouse, a popular real-time analytics database that speaks SQL. Fast, affordable monitoring is within reach. This webinar provides designs and working code to get you there. 

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The joint webinar has ended, but because we love you, here is an on-demand recording of the webinar for you: