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10th March 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Hello ClickHouse Fans,
Welcome to the March 2021 ClickHouse Meetup! We have talks on tap about new projects to help build the analytic stack. We also have room for another short talk or a lightning talk. Message the organizers or send email to info@altinity.com to apply.

Here’s the agenda:

* Data cleaning and contracts for data warehouses — Abe Gong from Superconductive (https://www.superconductive.com/).  Superconductive is building a new way to create verifiable contracts for data pipelines that prevent regressions in fast changing environments.  Their work builds on the Great Expectations open source testing framework.

* Querying ClickHouse via Analytical API with Semantic Layer — Igor Lukanin from Cube Dev (https://cube.dev).  Cube.js is an open-source analytical API platform that enables developers to bootstrap an analytical API over any SQL-compatible data store, ClickHouse included, in minutes. In this talk, we’ll explore how you can benefit from this approach to querying ClickHouse and get everything from SQL generation and query orchestration to multi-level caching and predictable and low latency on the client side

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