ClickHouse vs Redshift Performance for FinTech Risk Management

ClickHouse SQL extensions, arrays, in particular, allow it to solve the business use case up to 100 times more efficiently than Redshift at 1/6th the cost. We know that ClickHouse is fast, but we were a bit surprised by these research results.

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Silicon Valley ClickHouse Meetup Report

The latest San Francisco Bay Area ClickHouse Meetup was in Silicon Valley on August 13th. We had between 25 and 30 attendees at, who kindly hosted the event at their offices in Mountain View. The crowd was enthusiastic, leading to a lot of back-and-forth questions during the presentations. We had a total of three talks.

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How Clickhouse became the default analytics database for Mux

by Adam Brown, Mux founder

Presented at Meetup in Mountain View, August 13, 2019

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