ClickHouse monitoring with Zabbix

Altinity is happy to introduce a new tool in ClickHouse environment - Zabbix template for monitoring ClickHouse. It is open source and available on github

Let's walk in details on how to install and setup this template.

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Clickhouse-copier in practice

Clickhouse-copier is a tool designed to copy data from one ClickHouse environment to another. The tool is a part of standard ClickHouse server distribution. It can work in a fully parallel mode and distribute the data in the most efficient way. In this article, we review a few typical examples when clickhouse-copier can be used.

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ClickTail Introduction

Altinity is happy to introduce ClickTail -- an easy to use tool for ingesting log file data into ClickHouse and making it available for exploration. Its favorite format is JSON, but it understands how to parse a range of other well-known log formats.

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Logstash with ClickHouse

Dec 18, 2017  
There are many cases where ClickHouse is a good or even the best solution for storing analytics data. One common example is web servers logs processing. In this article, we guide you through Nginx web server example but it is applicable to other web servers as well.

We will use Logstash with ClickHouse in order to process web logs. Logstash is a commonly used tool for parsing different kinds of logs and putting them somewhere else. For example, in ClickHouse. This solution is a part of Altinity Demo Appliance

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MySQL to ClickHouse data migration and replication

Altinity has developed an open source clickhouse-mysql tool that helps to migrate existing MySQL table to ClickHouse and setup realtime replication of changes (INSERTS only). Here we review necessary steps using a simple example.

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